Cake Combinations

Below are our current offerings.  We are always expanding, especially by customer request.  Don’t see it?  Just ask!


  • Double Vanilla – vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Double Chocolate – chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
  • Tuxedo – chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream
  • The Traditional - vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream
  • Birthday cake – Confetti cake with vanilla buttercream


  • Black Forest Cake – chocolate cake, cherry filling, vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry – chocolate cherry cake with chocolate (or vanilla) buttercream
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberry – chocolate strawberry cake with chocolate buttercream
  • German Chocolate – a light chocolate cake coated with coconut-pecan icing
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – chocolate cake with pb buttercream
  • Chocolate Mint – chocolate cake with mint buttercream
  • Chocolate Oreo – chocolate cake with oreo buttercream
  • Chocolate Mocha – mocha cake with chocolate buttercream
  • Vanilla Mocha – mocha cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Chocolate Chocolate Chip – chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream
  • Chocolate Coconut – chocolate cake with coconut/vanilla buttercream covered in coconut

Fruit Flavors:

  • Strawberry – fresh strawberry cake topped with vanilla buttercream
  • Triple Berry - 
  • Orange Dreamsicle – orange flavored cake with vanilla buttercream
  • Pineapple – pineapple cake, filled with crushed pineapple, topped with vanilla buttercream​​​​​​​
Seasonal Flavors:
  • Pumpkin spice cake with vanilla or cinnamon buttercream
  • Spice cake with vanilla or cinnamon buttercream

Specialty Flavors:

  • Butterbeer – butterscotch flavored cake, topped with vanilla buttercream.  Heath pieces and butterscotch sauce drizzled on top!​​​​​​​

The list can go on and on!  These are just a few ideas.